Managing effective stock pricing is key to driving sales and improving stock turn and profitability.  We have two dynamic new products that have been developed to help you do just that.

Radar gives you an advantage when pricing by showing you how your competitors are pricing. While its Spot Price gives you the most accurate and up-to-date asking price for your local area.

Monitoring and managing your advertising stock pricing to maintain your competitive position on any vehicle at all times can be time consuming.  Pilot automatically monitors your advertised stock in one place, sending you daily alerts on those cars that are under or over-priced so you can manage their pricing to drive sales.

Our solutions for Dealers

  • Radar

    Drive sales through better pricing

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  • Pilot

    Easily manage your advertised prices to remain competitive

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  • Autowert/EurotaxNet

    Quicker, easier and more accurate valuations.

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  • Lead Driver

    Drive revenue and leads with a website valuation plug-in

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  • RepairEstimate

    The faster, easier way to create accurate repair estimates

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  • eBook

    Reliable valuations wherever you are

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  • IDD Valuation data

    Accurate valuation data integrated into your own systems

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  • Printed guides

     Reliable valuations in a printed guide

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