We provide you with tools to help you manage every stage of the claims and repair process from valuation and authorisation through to the disposal of total loss vehicles. 

RepairEstimate is an accurate and easy to use estimating tool that will ensure your claims costs are consistent and cost-effective.  Our communications platforms enable you to automatically authorise straight-forward claims so you can process them more quickly and efficiently. This frees your engineers to be able to spend time only looking at those vehicles where their expertise and knowledge is required.

Our forecasting and valuation data is based on thousands of auction and retail observations giving you confidence when setting policy prices or looking at whether a vehicle should be a total loss.

Our solutions for Insurers

  • Forecast-IT

    Accurate and transparent Residual Value forecasting

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  • ReCalc-IT

    Manage your fleet's risk effectively

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  • Retain-IT

    Turn your current customers into new profit opportunities

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  • RepairEstimate

    The faster, easier way to create accurate repair estimates

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  • IDD Price and Specification Data

    Comprehensive automotive data

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  • IDD Valuation data

    Accurate valuation data integrated into your own systems

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  • PartsMonitor

    Compare parts and prices across Europe

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  • eBook

    Reliable valuations wherever you are

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  • Printed guides

     Reliable valuations in a printed guide

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