Manufacturers & Importers

Manufacturers & Importers

Having access to accurate and comprehensive data and information is critical to managing your vehicles throughout their lifecycle, from concept through to sale and resale.  Our data is the most complete available in the market by far. Not only do we embed it into our own products, it can be used to support your own internal systems, products and online applications providing you with accurate and reliable information on which to base your business decisions. It can also be used to power configurators, quotation systems and web applications.

A higher and more stable RV performance helps you sell more cars more profitably: your lease rate will be more attractive and you save money in lease rate subsidies. For every 1%-point improvement in RV performance you save c. 1 Mio. EUR in subsidies for every 10,000 vehicles sold.

CarToMarket is a consultancy service that helps you ensure a new car has the optimum residual value after launch. It evaluates key success factors and provides recommendations on how you can optimise the Residual Value (RV) performance of a model before and during its lifecycle.

Radar and Pilot are two products that will help your dealers to set and manage their pricing more effectively, driving sales and improving profit and turnover.

Our solutions for Manufacturers & Importers

  • CarToMarket

    Optimise your car’s potential on the used car market prior to launch

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  • Pilot

    Easily manage your advertised prices to remain competitive

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  • Radar

    Drive sales through better pricing

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  • Forecast

    Reliable forecasting for improved fleet management

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  • Autowert/EurotaxNet

    Quicker, easier and more accurate valuations.

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  • IDD Price and Specification Data

    Comprehensive automotive data

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  • IDD Forecast data

    Reliable forecasting data integrated into your own systems

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  • Compare

    Compare vehicles nationally and across borders

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  • CarCostExpert

    The complete view of your vehicle’s costs

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  • eBook

    Reliable valuations wherever you are

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  • ResidualValueMonitor

    Combine all relevant residual value information together in one place

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  • Printed guides

     Reliable valuations in a printed guide

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