Compare parts and prices across Europe

Finding and analysing parts information can be long and laborious, needing to check multiples sources.  PartsMonitor provides you with the information you need, quickly and efficiently, leaving you time to focus on your core business.

  • Benefits

    • Detailed and reliable data simplifies decision making
    • Visual comparison of spare parts means you can be sure you have the right part
    • All parts can be clearly identified, whatever the country of origin of the vehicle manufacturer
    • Saves you time searching for parts and prices so you focus on your core business activities
    • Price comparisons are quickly and easily done saving you time and money
    • Save analyses for future use
    • Local product training available
  • Features

    • Visual comparison of spare parts and prices
    • Updated monthly to include new models and parts
    • Compare parts nationally and internationally across 16 countries integrating up to 15 vehicles per country and 50 parts per vehicle
    • Export results as a graph or data into Excel
    • Analyse historical prices back to 1997 if required
    • Calculates exchange rates
    • Available online 24/7
    • Customer and technical support hotline