Accurate and transparent Residual Value forecasting

Forecasting Residual Values (RVs) can present major challenges but is essential for profitability, market competitiveness and compliance. Forecast-IT is a dynamic residual value forecasting system for new and used cars that lets you forecast, review, trend, compare and adjust data yourself to reflect your own experience, opinions, fleet policy and profile. 

  • Benefits

    • Forecast new and used vehicles anytime without relying on outside companies
    • Identify opportunities to drive sales through more competitive market pricing
    • Gives you transparency and confidence when reporting to RV committees and auditors
    • Flexible and easy to use saving you time and money
    • Create and manage a bespoke basket of vehicles
    • Improve bottom line performance through more accurate RV forecasting
    • Mitigates risk when signing long term contracts, creating security and peace of mind
    • Continuous tracking and forecasting of residual values for effective risk management or strategic planning
    • Neutral and independent source of data for audit purpose
    • Accurate and trusted forecasting – Forecast-IT has been validated as 99.8% accurate by current users
  • Features

    • Generate forecasts for new and used vehicles for contract periods of up to 8 years
    • Continuously updated data parameters including vehicle benchmarking, lifecycle impact, forecast inflation and seasonality
    • Transparent forecast methodology with the ability to include your own adjustments
    • Ability to define contract profile by month and mileage
    • Comprehensive historic vehicle linking to the EurotaxGlass’s code structure
    • Data can be segmented by brand to reflect brand strength
    • Ability to include and compare alternative market data sources
    • Create residual value matrix (with various vehicles and different age/ mileage combinations)
    • Forecast new and used cars and LCVs
    • Bulk forecasting functionality
    • Vehicle Basket monitor
    • Produces a topline management summary on one page, incorporating 6 reports
    • Import / export data in excel