Reliable forecasting for improved fleet management

Forecast is a quick and easy, reliable tool for forecasting residual values of both cars and LCVs, giving you the information you need to manage your fleet's cost effectively. Flexible and transparent, it offers you exceptional functionality and a complete understanding of how a value is arrived at.

  • Benefits

    • Gives you transparency and confidence when reporting to RV committees and auditors
    • Manage risk exposure more effectively
    • Provides an objective basis for discussions with shareholders and finance institutions
    • Reliable forecasting information for improved fleet management
    • Forecasts can be uniquely tailored to your fleet
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Save time by forecasting your entire fleet quickly
    • Integrate the results into your existing systems
    • See the impact of options and colour on residual values and depreciation
    • Flexible data structure allows you to access whatever combination of data you need
  • Features

    • Lets you forecast an entire database in one action
    • Change the mileage and forecast period
    • Change the options and colour giving you more accurate results
    • Compare your parameters against the norm
    • Print, save and export your results as a .csv file
    • Transparent methodology showing you how a value is reached
    • Comprehensive coverage of over 25,000 vehicles
    • Car and/or LCV data