Manage your fleet's risk effectively

Profitability can largely depend on the accuracy of RVs at the beginning of a contract.  Getting it right takes time, resource and involves numerous data points and parameters.   ReCalc-IT is an RV forecasting system with a transparent methodology that lets you re-evaluate your whole fleet yourself on a regular basis, enabling you to manage your risk proactively over time.   It is an invaluable tool for valuation, audit and strategic planning, letting you calculate and save multiple scenarios based on different projections of the future.

  • Benefits

    • Fast and cost effective – analyse a fleet of 200,000 cars yourself in an hour without relying on outside companies
    • Easy to use giving you three standard valuations in one single process
    • Calculate multiple scenarios for more effective strategic planning: eg. consider the impact of various levels of inflation
    • Gives you transparency and confidence when reporting to RV committees and auditors
    • Value your fleet’s residual risk regularly for audit or strategic planning
    • Re-evaluate the impact on your fleet if a manufacturer goes into liquidation
    • Conduct a valuation of other fleets for acquisition purpose
    • Neutral and independent source of data for audit purposes
  • Features

    • ReCalc-IT provides 3 standard valuations in one process:
      • Current value or value at a specified date
      • Fleet value at the end of contract based on contract mileage
      • Value at the end of contract with projected end of contract mileage
    • Transparent forecast methodology
    • Import your fleet directly from a spreadsheet
    • Include your own adjustments
    • Produces a topline management summary on one page, incorporating 6 reports