Lead Driver


Lead Driver

Drive revenue and leads with a website valuation plug-in

Lead Driver is a website plug-in tool that generates both revenue and high quality leads by providing your website visitors with a EurotaxGlass’s used car valuation.  It drives traffic to your website and enhances your customers’ experience, keeping your visitors on your site for longer.

  • Benefits

    • Increase your revenue with every premium valuation carried out by a prospect on your website through Glass’s valuation plug-in  
    • Start the sales process with a customer by managing their expectations as to the value of their vehicle
    • Enhance your website's relevance to your consumers that are looking to buy a car by allowing them to value cars without leaving your website
    • Grow your marketing database by capturing customer details with every valuation your website visitors carry out
    • Customisable lead capture form giving you the power to collect the data that is relevant for your business
  • Features

    • Valuation plug-in linked directly to Glass’s valuation database
    • Values are updated automatically every month with no technical work required
    • Brand your plug-in to match your corporate guidelines
    • Customisable lead capture form so you can collect the customer data you need
    • Specify exactly how you want the tool to work, including whether to charge customers, payment options and the valuation and specification information returned from Glass’s LeadDriver
    • Export detailed reports on usage, conversions and leads generated using our online system
    • You can also have leads delivered in real-time to a specified email address, or uploaded to a CRM system via XML