Intelligent customer retention

Many customers start to fall out of love with their vehicle around 19 months into their contract.  New models have been launched and their car is no longer feeling new.  At this point customer retention is most at risk as they start window shopping for new cars. 

Retain-IT gives you the power to stay one step ahead of your customers and the competition, turning a potential loss into a new profit opportunity. 

  • Benefits

    • Retain existing customers and turn them into new profit opportunities at the point when they are starting to question their lease
    • Prevent customer cancellation in the middle or at the end of a contract
    • Saves you time and costs of lead generation by giving you high quality, reliable leads that you know all about – their full details, their current car, their ability to pay
    • Maintain and increase customer loyalty by giving them a personalised offer based on what they can afford, providing a win – win situation for dealer and customer.
    • Vary and expand your volume of customer leads depending on the  different promotions and financial contributions currently available
    • Intuitive system that is easy to use and produces results in seconds
    • Trade-in vehicle gives you an additional revenue stream in the form of a high quality used car to sell
  • Features

    • Provides you with a list of leads each month based on equity left in car vs finance and promotions
    • Amend your search based on different quantities of financial contribution from dealer, OEM and finance provider
    • Gives you a range of personalised upgrade offers for each customer
    • Alerts can be set-up on the system to automatically inform dealers of new leads
    • Produces a list of leads in XML or CSV format that can be passed through your CRM system to the appropriate recipient