Reliable valuations wherever you are

The eBook app combines both trade and retail values into one small mobile device, making it faster and easier to price and value a vehicle wherever you are.

  • Benefits

    • Easily identify the right car you want to value using the simple and straight-forward search function
    • Use the built in calculator whichever page you’re on to instantly work out any reductions you want to make to a valuation
    • Bookmark and write notes on any page, saving and retrieving them immediately whenever you need them
    • Quick and easy to use with a continuous zoom which lets you focus wherever you want to
    • Refine your valuation using the mileage tables
    • Use off-line in or out of the office on tablets and smartphones (IOS and Android) or as an eBook app on your computer
  • Features

    • Three ways to search for a vehicle: free search, table of contents or just navigate through the pages
    • Contains trade and retail values
    • Monthly trade movements
    • Contains new car prices
    • Mileage tables by marque
    • Access all your printed books from the same eBook
    • Automatic alerts let you know when a new book is ready to download
    • Download and use off-line
    • Archive for all your old books
    • Available on PC, phone and tablet